Materials Needed: Medical Illustrations (PI and Med-Mal)

In order to provide the most thorough and accurate suggestions for visual exhibits there are a few key items we will need to review. These documents allow us to provide accurate cost estimates and ensure everything we create is accurate.


We humbly request that digital copies be provided over physical copies. If available, text based files (original/native file types) are highly preferred (as opposed to scanned documents).

Electronic delivery is preferred, for which there are numerous options:
  • Use our file transfer site to upload files (2GB per transfer limit) â€“ details on how to zip/compress and share files can be found here.
  • "Share" a Dropbox folder with us
  • Use a third-party file transfer protocol (FTP) you may already have in place

*Please DO NOT send medical records in their entirety; sending only the materials below will allow us to more efficiently help you*

  1. Films (X-rays, CTs, MRIs, et. al - sending phyiscal CDs or electronically is an option)
  2. Radiology reports
  3. Operative reports
  4. Admission/Discharge summaries (if numerous injuries exist)
  5. Photos of your client (if we are creating a client-likeness)

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